New Sellers

Your kids are growing like weeds and you have clothes they can’t fit and toys they’re to old for and it is starting to take over.  Maybe you’ve seen other mom’s make money from their items or maybe you’ve even shopped some sales recently. Now you’re thinking how hard is it? Can I do that? Do my kids have unrealized money in their rooms? Maybe it can pay for some new toys or school clothes or books or whatever else.

Selling with us is easy! No complicated computer systems, no barcodes to print, no special equipment. All you need is some items to sell, basic household supplies (pens, cardstock, safety pins, tape, ziplocks, etc), and some time.

Our sellers make back 2/3rd of their sale items and selling with us is easy. You will tag all of your own items using our tag guide for guidance. You’ll bring your items during the drop-off days and place it on the sales floor and then enjoy your week while we manage the sale (of course, we’d love for you to volunteer with us for the sale if your life allows). Then, during pick-up days, you’ll come and pick up your unsold items (they will be sorted for you). We always aim to have checks ready at pick-up, but occasionally we run in to a glitch and have to mail them to you.

Doesn’t that sound pretty easy?

What’s the next step?
Check out our FAQ for more seller information
Check out our seller information, tagging guide, and What Can I Sell guide
Contact us to get a seller number (if you have one for another sale, we can often accept it)

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