Note from Jane Wood

Dear Friends,
I have so enjoyed serving you through the consignment sale over the years. As many of you know I have been doing it for more than 20 years and consider the sale a ministry to help families provide for their children. However, with my age and my move to Alabama as well as caring for elderly relatives, the sale has become a bit much for me, so I have chosen my capable friend, Addie, to manage the sale. She has been an avid and cheerful volunteer so many of you have already met her. I’ll be guiding her through the sale and I hope to pop in from time to time to help Addie and say hello since I already miss all of you.


NEW: 2nd Seller Shop for Working Sellers

At check-in, we hear a lot of sellers tell us they can’t shop pre-sale because they work…. So, we decided to give something a try this year. We will offer a second seller-only shopping time from 6pm-9pm on Wednesday before we open to the public! This will hopefully allow working sellers a chance to come and shop before the public! We hope you enjoy this new change!

NEW: Extended Hours

We are excited to announce that we have heard your requests and we have added extended hours for shopping and drop-off.

Monday night drop-off will now go until 9pm (an extra hour)

Thursday night shopping will now go until 9pm (3 extra hours)

We hope that this will help our shoppers and sellers with their busy schedules and allow an extra chance for our working parents to shop as well!