Selling Instructions

Every item in the sale must be tagged with card weight paper. Use about 3 X 2.5inches or so to make them. All items must be affixed appropriately to the item.

Remember: If you do not want an item to sell at half price on Saturday, you MUST CIRCLE the price. All items without a circled price will go at half price.

Prepping items:
Begin by pulling out the items your kids have outgrown, the items they no longer play with, etc. Set up your own system and begin preparing your items for the sale. Wash clothes if they need it, check batteries in toys, tape down loose pieces, etc.

Hang and Tag your items.
For more information on the tagging specifics, please check out our tagging guide on this website.

Remember to hang all clothing and costumes on wire hangers wherever possible. We are able to be a little more flexible with hangers with the additional of new racks, but if a size area or the racks in general get too full, we will begin removing plastic hangers. Hang them with the hook to the left (it should look like the top of a question mark).

Shoes should be packaged where they are connected somehow (ziploc bags and zip ties have worked well in the past).

Books and puzzles should be tagged, but be cautious with regular tape. Try masking tape or painters tape to protect the covers.

Sort your items:
We request that you pre-sort anything you can before coming to the sale. We simply have limited space to be sorting there.

Clothes should be sorted in to gender and size. Twist ties, garbage bags, rubber bands, and pipe cleaners have all been used in the past to keep sizes together, but dream up what works best for you.

Books should also be pre-sorted where possible. Our book categories are: soft books, board books, preschooler, kindergarten, 1st/2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, Middle School, Teen, Educational (in each age group), maternity, parenting,

Come by the sale venue on Monday (9am-2pm and 6pm-9pm) or Tuesday (9am-noon) to place your items in to the sale. You will come and check in on the computer, your clothing will be checked for holes, stains, out-of-date styles, etc, and then you will place all items on the sales floor. We will have volunteers to help guide you to the right section if you are unsure or new to our space.

Don’t forget to come and check-out the sale to see what you can buy as well. If you put 20 items or more in the sale, you get to shop before the public. Wednesday 9am-noon is special seller shopping time.

The Tuesday after the sale closes (4pm-7pm) and Wednesday (9am-noon) are pick-up times. We will have items sorted by seller number (as best we can), but there are always items that lose their tags or toys that have parts fall off, so be sure to give yourself enough time to browse these areas of the sale as well. We will have an area for items you want to donate and not take home.

We always aim to have the checks available at pick-up, but occasionally there are times when we have a glitch and will have to mail the checks. If this is the case, they will mail out within a week.


  • Straight pins injure shoppers and clothing. We will remove items from the sale for safety reasons.
  • You are selling items at your own risk.
  • You are responsible for checking that your items are not on a recall list.
  • We do not sell cribs due to the recent laws
  • Carseats all have an expiration date and they must be within their acceptable life to be sold in the sale.

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