Seller Calendar

The sale is always a busy time and there are extra dates to be aware of for our sellers. Be sure to check the seller calendar below to make sure you have all the dates in your personal calendar.

Seller Calendar
Day Date Time Event
Monday March 16 9am-2pm & 6-9pm* Drop-off
Tuesday March 17 9am-12 Drop-off
Wednesday March 18 9am-12 & 6pm-9pm Seller pre-sale *no kids
Thursday March 19 9am-9pm* Public Sale *no kids before noon
Friday March 20 9am-3pm Public Sale
Friday March 20 11am-3pm Seller Half Price
Saturday March 21 9am-3pm Public Half Price
Tuesday March 24 4-7pm Item Pick-up
Wednesday March 25 9am-12 Item Pick-up

* New Extended Hours

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