Tagging Guide

Our tagging setup:
Seller Number – Top Left Corner
Size (if applicable) – Top Right Corner
Price – Bottom Right Corner
Description – Middle of the tag
Reminder: Un-circled prices will go for half price on Saturday. If you don’t want your item to sell for half-price, circle the price.

tag setuptag setup no half

Please pin the tag to the upper right hand side of the clothing article. Then tape over the pin to prevent tag swapping.

Do not use S,M, L sizes. Always use numbers. For clothing that has a range (such as 9-12 months) use the lower limit of the range (9mo in this example).

Be cautions in using regular clear tape on books and puzzles as they can tear the covers/boxes. Try using masking tape or plastic tape to reduce this risk.

Optional Template:
If you prefer to use the computer for your tagging, we have created a tag template to help you. It is completely optional to use, but may save you some time if this is your preference. If you do use this, please print on cardstock or heavier paper.
Tag Template

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